Appearances as counsel by

Robert H. Thomas

5 Cases since the 2012 Term


Representing Petitioners

None in this period

Representing Respondents

None in this period

Representing Amici Curiae

Janice Smyth v. Conservation Commission of Falmouth, et al., No. 19-223

for NFIB Small Business Legal Center, Southeastern Legal Foundation, Owners' Counsel of America

Karolyn Givens, et al. v. Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC, No. 19-54

for Owners' Counsel of America, PennEast NJ Property Owners, Institute for Justice, Cato Institute

Kevin Brott, et al. v. United States, No. 17-712

for National Association of Reversionary Property Owners, et al.

Rose Mary Knick v. Township of Scott, Pennsylvania, et al., No. 17-647

for Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights Legal Fund;