Appearances as counsel by

Matthew Allen Fitzgerald

9 Cases since the 2012 Term


Representing Amici Curiae

CoreCivic, Inc. v. Sylvester Owino, et al., Individually and on Behalf of All Others Similarly Situated, No. 22-1019

for Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America and National Federation of Independent Business Small Business Legal Center, Inc.

Alicia Thompson v. Janelle Henderson, No. 22-823

for National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC)

Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, et al. v. Ohio, ex rel. Dave Yost, Attorney General, No. 21-312

for Former Environmental Protection Agency, California Air Resources Board, and Department of Justice Officials Jeffrey E. Holmstead, Ronald J. Tenpas, John D. Dunlap III, and Lynn Buhl