Appearances as counsel by

Lisa Schiavo Blatt

29 Cases since the 2012 Term


Representing Amici Curiae

In re Grand Jury, No. 21-1397

for Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America

Harold Shurtleff, et al. v. City of Boston, Massachusetts, et al., No. 20-1800

for American Civil Liberties Union and American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts

United States v. Jose Luis Vaello Madero, No. 20-303

for Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi and the New Progressive Party

Edward A. Caniglia v. Robert F. Strom, et al., No. 20-157

for American Civil Liberties Union et al.

Arthur Gregory Lange v. California, No. 20-18

for American Civil Liberties Union, et al.